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Located in the rich Hood River Valley, our orchard benefits from fertile volcanic soils unique to our region. Our peaches are tree ripened to perfection. Over 20 unique varieties of peaches and nectarines available July, August, and September each year.

We are a small, owner-operated orchard that has been organically managed since 2016.  We choose organic practices to promote the health of those who eat our fruit, our own health, and the health of the land we rely on. We believe that those things are all interconnected and that it improves quality too.

Tree ripened to perfection, hand-picked by us for best quality.

Living in Hood River has been quite an adventure for Alma and Dave as young orchardists! Alma grew up in Los Angeles where each family member was assigned a fruit tree to care for in their backyard. Her grandfather is a small farmer in central Mexico where every year, they go into his farm together and pick flowers and admire the peach tree at the heart of his farm. Dave grew up in a small town in Maine and spend his summers in High School and College working on a small farm growing perennial flowers. Together, they're focused on growing best quality fruit while being careful stewards of the land.

Peaches and nectarines available at local farmer's markets. You'll also find them in several restaurants and other businesses in Hood River.


Find our peaches here:

Hood River Farmer's Market

  • Saturdays 9am-1pm

Mosier Farmer's Market

  • Sunday 10am-1pm

Odell Farmers Market

  • Click link for dates



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Learn organic practices

We could always use some extra hands!  We have volunteers that come help us at the farm every year.  If you'd like to get involved, you can find us on Workaway.info or WWOOF.net.  


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